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Good morning!!! 😃

Good morning Men and Women of God,

Be encouraged today!!

Even though you DO NOT see ME, you believe in ME. I am far more real - complete, unchanging, unlimited-than the things you can see. When you believe in ME, you are trusting in rock-solid Reality. I am the indestructible Rock on which you can keep standing, no matter what your circumstances may be. Beloved, I encourage you to take refuge in ME.

Believing in ME has innumerable benefits. The most precious one is the salvation of your soul - forever and ever. Your belief in ME also enhances your present life immensely, making it possible for you to know who you are and WHOSE you are. As you stay in communication with ME. I help you find your way through this fallen world with hope in your heart. All of this enlarges your capacity for Joy. The more you seek ME and the more fully you know ME, the more I can fill you with inexpressible and glorious Joy! Amen! Hallelujah!

1 Peter 1:8-9; Psalm 8:25.

Have an awesome amazing blessed day on purpose!

God Bless you and your family!

Pastor Debra 

Please join God's Love Apostolic Ministries(GLAM) Thursday from 7 to 8 pmCall in # 857-357-0254Access#990200Mute your phone Thank you!God bless you!!

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