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About God's Love Apostolic Ministries


Are you tired of church as usual? Are  you looking for a new beginning? Well look no further, a new day has come!Pastor Debra, has opened up a new ministry, Gods Love Apostolic Ministries. This ministry is opened to everyone who would like to attend a different kind of church and service.

At God's love you will be able to come and experience real relationships at a place where you can forget the past, embrace the present and step toward the future. We are a place of prayer, peace and joy to all who join us. Our community is richly diverse, with people of different ages and backgrounds coming together to worship and serve together. We welcome all individuals seeking God’s love and our doors are open to every soul seeking to welcome Jesus into their heart.


We shall be a Holy Spirit filled church obeying the word of God, Serving and advancing the purity and passion of Jesus Christ while taking control and empowering God's people. We will lead people to salvation, baptize them in the name of Jesus Christ.

Teach people the word of God and equipping them to be soldiers of Christ. Teach people to trust and obey the Lord Jesus Christ.

In addition we will provide resources to meet the needs of the community.

Pastor Debra Robinson



The Joy of Generosity

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). At God's Love Apostolic Ministries, we encourage a culture of giving. Every gift makes an incredible difference to our incredible church. Give a single gift online or in person, and you can even set up recurring donations. We are so grateful for your commitment and generosity.



For weeks, I have been praying for the manifestation of what God has promised me and my family. I have joined in agreement with Pastor Debra and other prayer warriors to see the manifestation of the results of prayer in our lives. This hour of prayer has been a blessing to me. When my son arrived at the ER at the hospital last Sunday after the auto accident, the first thing that he said is power of prayer works mom . I enjoy the hour of power prayer every Thursday from 8pm to 9pm. its truly a blessing to be with folks who love Jehovah God and share God"s truth.

Mother Boone

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